3/4 Long Demi Red Womens Biker Jacket




Introducing our new Demi range, this womens design which has been paired with the mens eddie! Made from cowhide leather, making the jacket thick, durable and long lasting. With a interchangeable collar, you can wear the collar 3 different ways, so pick the design you like or change it up. The quilted polyester lining comes with velcro pockets for the shoulders, back and elbows- easy to slot in and remove. The fit of the jacket can be adjusted with the size adjustment features such as the waist belt and zippered cuffs.

Leather: Sought after red cowhide leather
Design: 3 in 1 collar, YKK zippers
Pockets: External and internal pockets for valuable items
Size adjustment: Half waist belt, waist strap buckles, zippered cuffs
Safety: Velcro pockets to slot CE approved armours into shoulders, back and elbows
Added features: Zip attachment for trousers
Lining: Single quilted polyester lining
Colour options: Also available in Black and brown


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