X Men Cyclops Leather jacket




Simplicity had been never so tempting and appealing before this X-men Cyclops jacket. This Scott black leather jacket with red stripes has been mined out from Hollywood blockbuster X-Men. The fictional superhero character Cyclops was witnessed wearing this elegantly designed red stripe leather jacket. His stylish outerwear added zing, boldness and exquisiteness to his mutant character.

We have remade x men scott black jacket from the worlds top grade Cowhide leather making it an incredible replication from every of its quality aspect. It has a fully zipped front (branded YKK zippers used) led by a snapped moto collar making sure your brilliant individuality. The charisma of red and brown straps on its front cheered up by zipped cuffs with webbing ensure your staggeringly streamline appearance.  Carry this x men cyclops red stripe jacket to flaunt your ostentation

Product Details

Shell: Worlds finest quality Cowhide leather
Lining: Quilted polyester liner
Stitching: Tidy stitching throughout
Front Style: Branded YKK zipper closure with red and brown straps on the left
Collar: Snap button moto collar
Sleeve: Zipped cuffs with webbing
Pockets: One pocket on right chest, two pockets on waist length; two inside pockets


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