Stone Wash Fight Club Motorcycle Leather Jacket with white stripes




A design inspired from the jacket seen in the movie Fight Club, this vintage jacket offers a more rustic old look which is highly sought after these days. Made from real cowhide leather, the jacket offers a grey stonewash/distressed look.

Hard as a Stone
This vintage cowhide leather jacket has been inspired from the movie Fight Club, exclusive to Charlie LONDON. The rough grey stone colour gives the jacket a vintage look which blends well with the white stripes. With rust free metal and YKK zippers, this leather jacket has been made to last. With front zip closure, snap button collar and zippered coughs; this highly fashionable jacket can also be used as a biker jacket. There is extra padding around the shoulders and elbows of the jacket. The double polyester lining makes this jacket suitable to wear in all weather conditions; simply remove the zip out lining when during the summer days and zip back to keep you warm during winter.


Fighting Features:

  • • Real cowhide leather
  • • YKK zippers
  • • Front zip closure
  • • White band stripes on both arms
  • • Zippered cuffs
  • • Double snap button collar
  • • Quilted polyester lining
  • • Added option of removable CE armours for the back shoulders and elbows
  • • Padding on the arms and shoulders
  • • Two side zip pockets
  • • Hidden pockets
  • • Water resistant feature


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